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Welcome to the Coaching House, where we bring together a core team of excellent and diverse Coaches to meet all your coaching needs.

We enable easy access to experienced, qualified and accredited Coaches, both in the UK and overseas. All of our Coaches hold formal coaching qualifications, have held Leadership roles in organisations and adhere to the Global Coaching Code of Ethics. Our Coaches bring a depth and diversity of psychological perspectives and contexts of practice.

Working with individuals, teams and groups, we offer business, executive and leadership coaching to help our Clients flourish and be their best authentic selves. We work with Clients to address their leadership challenges, build their self-awareness, personal growth and inner confidence and partner with them as they seek and transition into new roles.

The Coaching House founders, Gilly Rutherford and Cath Harries, have over thirty years’ experience working with their clients and building a trusted network of brilliant Coaches.

"Change your thoughts and you change your world" - Norman V Peale

The Coaching House?


At The Coaching House, we support and partner with you and your coaching strategy, integrating seamlessly and making implementation easy.

Single Point of Contact

We believe in human connections. By providing a single point of contact for each assignment, we build open, honest and trustworthy relationships quickly.

Needs and Impact

We partner you in any coaching assignment, exploring your needs, adding measurable value and enhancing results.

Matching and Quality

We provide coaching excellence through a bespoke matching process.

Large Scale or Single Assignment?

We have the capability, with our pool of diverse Coaches, to scale our coaching offering to meet your development needs.

The Coaching House offers quality of coaching, a matching process that guarantees a trust-based relationship and a measurable impact on individuals and business results.

We provide a single point of contact for your organisation, ensuring quality relationships whilst minimising any disruption to existing staff and operations.

We provide qualified, accredited and experienced Coaches who excel in their profession.

The Coaching House approach offers ease when facilitating the matching process, ensuring quality and a best fit Coach at a competitive price.

We help you navigate and respond to the external pressures you face.

We will explore your needs with you personally and see how we can add real value.

Whether you need a large-scale, organisation-wide programme or help with a single business unit or market, we can scale our coaching solutions to deliver support that brings about visible change.

How it works

To ensure we make the right coaching match, the first step is to collect key data in Coach and Client profiles.

Critical to the success of any coaching strategy is ease of implementation. To be effective, it must integrate seamlessly into your organisation. This is a crucial point of difference when working with The Coaching House.

We provide a single point of contact and partner you in the process, helping with your decision-making and the matching process between Client and Coach. It is our job to make hiring and managing Coaches easy, whilst providing the tools to track results and measure impact.

We work fairly and transparently with our Clients, adhering to an equitable business model to deliver real and affordable value to all.

The Matching Process

To ensure we make the best coaching match, we collect key data in Coach and Client profiles.

Client profiles are comprised of two parts. The first part is the Client's professional resumé. The second part is a questionnaire to understand the Client's challenges and opportunities, their past experience of coaching and their expectations of the coaching relationship and the Coach.

Coach profiles provide a short introduction to the Coach and are comprised of two parts - the Coach’s professional resume and a short video in which the Coach describes his or her background and coaching philosophy. The Coach will also give examples of a representative coaching engagement and Client testimonials.

With the Coach and Client profiles in hand, the optimal match is a function of three key components - commonality, compatibility and credibility - between Client and Coach.

We use this matching formula of Client-Coach commonality, compatibility and credibility, along with key inputs contained in Coach and Client profiles. Once this part of the process is complete, Clients will be matched with a recommended Coach or be invited to choose from two or three suggested Coach profiles.

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