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Spring Newsletter 2021

Welcome everybody to this recent newsletter and a huge thanks to everybody who has contributed. We hope you find it interesting and useful.

Coaching Services Pack

Some of you will already be familiar with the Coaching House Contract, the TCH Coaching Services Pack and PwC’s The Coaching Network, Code of Ethics and ways of working. For those of you who are not, I am attaching the links for your information.

TCH Contract for all our Coaches to use with their coaching clients. 

Coaching Services Pack - we offer you the choice of supplementary information to use with the contract, as found in ‘Coaching Services Pack’. Use whatever you feel is relevant or helpful to your Coaching.

a. APPENDIX 1 What is coaching and what you can expect
b. APPENDIX 2 Getting started: Intake questions
c. APPENDIX 3 Regular coaching meeting preparation form
d. APPENDIX 4 How to get 10 x the value from your Coach!
e. APPENDIX 5 Global Code of Ethics

Supervision, Personal Development & Ethical Code for TCH Associate Coaches

  •  All Coaching House Associates are expected to remain current and relevant and to update themselves regularly in terms of personal learning and development (CPE), in order to develop their individual specialisms and deepen their coaching practice with clients.
  • All Coaching House Associates are required to have their own regular supervision arrangements in place with a qualified/ accredited Supervisor. A minimum requirement of four sessions a year, increasing as appropriate based on volume of clients.
  • The Coaching House Associates are required to acknowledge and agree to fulfil their ethical and legal obligations to their coaching clients, sponsors, colleagues and public at large by complying with a recognised Code of Ethics (e.g. ICF, EMCC, APECs, etc.) in their coaching and ways of working.

Group Supervision Opportunity

We are in the process of organising Group Supervision sessions for our Coaches. Please let us know if you would like to participate as a Supervisee or for those of us who are qualified/ accredited Supervisors and would be prepared to supervise one of the group sessions.

Please let us know if you are interested and which role you would like to play.

TCH Coach Introductory Videos

To support us with our Introductory Videos we have acquired the services of Mike Boken, of MB Video Creation and Marketing. If you would like any help please get in touch with Mike at

I am including Mike’s Top tips video to remind you of best practice - Click Here

Diversity & Inclusion

Cath and I have spent some time drafting our Diversity and Inclusion policy for the Coaching House Ltd. With much support and input from Nic Cardwell and Martin Sealy, we would like to share with you what we have so far in the hope you take the opportunity to read it and offer any feedback, ideas, suggestions so it represents us all and aligns to everybody’s values.

Our Commitment
To consciously build a coaching community that is representative of the world we want to serve.To create an inclusive and vibrant community of Coaches made up of a rich and diverse range of skills, talents, experiences and backgrounds. To role model an inclusive environment, where people are treated fairly, accepting and embracing their individuality. To challenge ourselves to search and find diverse coaching professionals.

Our Objectives

  • To demonstrate that coaching is inclusive and any elitism or conscious bias actively goes against its ethos.
  • To elevate the diversity conversation , to hold up a mirror to organisations and the profession and explore ways of redressing the balance. 
  • To identify and actively seek out groups that may be underrepresented or disadvantaged within our Coach pool, monitoring applicants’ ethnic group, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion and age as part of the recruitment procedure. (Provision of this information is voluntary.) Recognising the likelihood of providing a better match for clients.
  • To create a sense of community by inviting perspectives from our Coaches, our Clients, our network of connections in monthly newsletters, focus groups, etc.
  • To stay current and educate ourselves in respect of D&I issues so we have the confidence and knowledge to work with difference (through shared experiences, training, reviewing progress, etc.)
  • To keep track of Coach data , in an anonymised (GDPR compliant) format, to help us take appropriate steps to avoid discrimination and improve diversity.
Some words, suggestions and recommendations from Martin Sealy

From the point of view of just becoming more informed on a multifaceted and complex subject, to say the least. I am also aware small but consistent steps over time will have a greater impact over the longer term.

1. The Harvard Business Review Article is interesting and plain speaking, touching several key talking points current and meaningful, by Lily Zheng.

2. To put the subject in further context, I have added a Willey Publishing example, which on a page demonstrates the pervasive nature of certain aspects of this subject across society.

3. I did this one-hour course on Linkedin by Stacey Gordon, an instrumental and polished course through unconscious bias awareness training. Link to Course

Have You Read Any Good Books Recently?

Thanks to Paula and Alison for a great book recommendations and Cath for sharing her programme experience.

Paula Hutchings- Stealing from the Future (And How You Can Stop It)

This book explores the post conventional world of constant change and shares research into conditions for organizational success. For today’s businesses to achieve sustained success they must examine their own response to global megatrends and, in particular, the role leadership and culture plays in them being able to adapt and innovate.

What’s interesting is understanding why most organizational change remains transactional. Why? Because cultural legacy systems are keeping most of them stuck. I must admit, this book leaves me wondering how many will survive the momentous change that is now the new normal.

Sympathetic to research conducted by CCL, the authors promote vertical development and conscious leadership as a critical strategic pathway for any organization aspiring to become an adaptive entity. The models discussed in this book serve as powerful coaching tools for leaders wanting to understand how they can make a difference.

Alison Reid, one of The Coaching House team, is publishing a book in March . It’s called “Unleash Your Leadership: How to Worry Less and Achieve More”. It’s designed to help experienced managers and executives overcome the fear and self-doubt that can so often sabotage their success to they can lead with confidence and accelerate their career. Here’s the blurb from the back cover to give you a sense of whom it’s for and what it’s about:

Are you worried you’re not cut out for leadership? Are you afraid you’re going to be found out? Do nerves get the better of you when it matters?

In this practical, engaging book, you’ll discover the three keys to unlock your confidence, influence and impact so that you can unleash your leadership potential and accelerate your career. It’s full of tools and techniques, grounded in neuroscience, to help you overcome fear and lead with confidence. Worry less, achieve more.

Here’s a review from one happy Director : “Reading this book was as if Alison somehow had access to my personal feelings and knew exactly the right techniques to deal with them. If I’d had access to this a few years ago, I’d have had a lot less sleepless nights!”

Alison’s book will be on sale on Amazon in the second half of March. If you’d like her to keep you posted, you can sign up to her mailing list at also there is an open invitation from Alison to drop her a line if you want to chat further about it.

Cath Harries is currently participating in Shirzad Chamine’s Positive Intelligence programme for Coaches (with Ros Sutton and Catherine Shepherd of TCH) . It explores mental fitness and how much control we have over our minds, our ‘saboteurs’ and tapping into our ‘sage’ brain in moments of stress and challenge. The blended programme runs over eight weeks, long enough (in theory!) to catch ourselves and build new, better habits. It is a synthesis of years for research (Martin Seligman, Shawn Achor, etc.), is thought provoking, cleverly packaged and accessible, to us as Coaches and to our work with Clients. . There is also a book that supports the programme.’

Recommended Coaching Tools

Thank you to Caroline Laycock for recommending this useful tool to aid the coaching conversation.

Here is a tool for using cards in coaching when online. The tool is called Deckhive – have you heard of it? . I find it really useful as cards are a very popular coaching tool and it might seem difficult to use them on a virtual platform. This tool is really handy and interactive. As a coach you log in and send an invite to your coachee who can then join you in the same room. You can see the same deck of cards and then based on the questions you ask, the coachee select relevant cards.

There are also lots of different card decks to choose from. I often use strengths-based cards called At My Best but there is a library of other card deck to choose from too. You can even upload your own deck, but I’m not sure how that works. It’s inexpensive to use – there is a one off charge to buy whatever decks you want in your library (c £10-15 per deck) and it costs about £3 per guest pass i.e. for a coachee to join you in the room. Passes are available in block packs of 10 or 20. I highly recommend it and it is certainly a tool I find helps coaching feel a little bit more like it might face to face.

Attached are some images from the site so you can see what I mean – Click Here

Wishing you an excellent summer and please don’t hold back on anything you feel would be of interest or relevant for our clients or our coaches and we will put it inthe next newsletter. Gilly & Cath x

“The obstacle in the path becomesthe path. Never forget, within every obstacle is an opportunity to improve our condition.”- Zen Proverb

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